Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in getting your book published with our assistance. Be assured, you have come to the right place! Kwarts was founded in early 2011 and is a proud member of PASA (The Publishers’ Association of South Africa) and Unashamedly Ethical. We have so far assisted more than 200 authors in getting their books published, many of whom have returned to publish a second and third book with us. There are many satisfied authors who will vouch for our professional and personal commitment to our clients.

We offer consultation and a range of professional services to assist independent authors in getting their books published in digital as well as printed format. We also supply selected books to retail stores in South Africa. Our dynamic and creative team is committed to providing authors with quality products that have great marketing potential. Trust us to help you to get your book published!


Our services:

Why choose Kwarts?

  • Publishing of books in e-book and hard copy format
  • We publish various types of books such as fiction, non-fiction, biographies, poetry, children’s books and many more.
  • Professional design and typesetting.
  • ISBN registration with National Libraries.
  • Distribution of e-books to online retailers such as Amazon Kindle and Takelot.
  • Kwarts Publishers is a registered vendor to Bargain Books stores countrywide.
  • Cover design, typesetting, editing and translation services, illustrations, etc.
  • Marketing resources: e-flyers, promo videos, banner, posters, book stubs, etc.

  • With us the process of self-publishing is easy, affordable and professional.
  • Kwarts is a full member of PASA (Publishing Association of South Africa).
  • Kwarts has been a member of Unashamedly Ethical since 2011.
  • We have published books for more than 140 authors, many of whom have returned to publish a second and third book.
  • You can be assured - the end result will be a professional publication that you can be proud of.
  • Digital publication will ensure that your book is available for sale across the globe and can never be ‘sold out’ - at no further cost to you.
  • This is your opportunity to tell your story - we will help you leave a legacy for future generations.


At Kwarts we offer professional assistance to help you get your book published

·         We offer a range of services to self-publishing authors.

·         Submission is subjected to selection criteria and an evaluation process.

·         The author retains copyright.

·         The author pays for the production cost of the publication.

·         Our design team will create the perfect cover and back page for your book.

·         The layout of your book will be produced in line with international standards.

·         Income from e-book sales are administrated and regular remittances are provided.

·         E-books are uploaded to Amazon for worldwide sales.

·         We provide printed copies to the author in quantities ranging from 50 to 500 books.

·         ISBN registration is provided.


Format for submissions:

·         All material must be typed and in digital format (Microsoft Word). No handwritten or hard copy submissions will be accepted.

·         Novels must be presented on A4 paper format with double spacing in 12pt Times New Roman.

·         Only one space should be inserted after full stops. Do not use page breaks or forced line breaks.

·         If your manuscript contains tables, columns and pictures, please present it in A5 format.

·         Please use Times New Roman bold 16pt to indicate headings. For subheadings Times New Roman bold 14pt can be used. A detailed table of contents is required for such manuscripts.

·         All submissions must be professionally presented with the first page as a title page. Please add the title as well as the author’s name and contact details on the title page.

·         Please check your manuscript for typographical errors, spelling, punctuation and grammar. First drafts will not be considered.

Content criteria:

·         Content containing excessive/graphic violence or abuse (unless it is a scene that is absolutely vital to the story line) might not be approved for publication. Please inform us of these scenes when submitting for evaluation. Refer to chapter and page numbers. In the case of auto-biographical works, we will consider this more leniently.

·         Sexual content must not be of an explicit nature and must be vital to the story line. Contents that endorses eroticism, sexual promiscuity or immorality will not be accepted.  (Refer to the chapter and page number for us to review.)

·         Contents with extreme political, cultural and religious views of a controversial nature might not be accepted for publication.

·         Excessive swearing and crass language will not be accepted unless it is vital to the characters portrayed. Please inform us of these instances when submitting for evaluation. Refer to the chapter and page number.

·         We will not publish content that is contrary to our Christian ethos.


Standard book publishing ‚Äčpackage - R15 000*

  • ISBN number and registration with the National Libraries
  • Front and back cover design
  • Professional text layout
  • Corrections and changes (one hour)
  • Digital proof for approval
  • Printed proof delivered by courier
  • E-book production
  • Ten copies of your printed book (depending on page extent of book)

 E-book upload to Amazon Kindle for international distribution

E-book publishing package - R7 000*

·         ISBN number and registration with the National Library

·         Front cover design

·         Professional e-book production

·         Corrections and changes (one hour)

·         Digital proof for approval

·         E-book upload to Amazon Kindle for international distribution


Printed book publishing package - R9 000*

·         ISBN number and registration with the National Library

·         Front and back cover design

·         Professional text layout

·         Digital proof for approval

·         Corrections and changes (one hour)

·         Printed proof delivered by courier

    Ten copies of your printed book (depending on page extent of book)

         (Printed copies can be ordered in quantities of 30 to 500 at cost-effective prices.)

*Please note: This price is based on a basic text novel of 40 000 words or less. Manuscripts containing elements such as subsections, tables, illustrations, photographs etc. will be priced accordingly. Editing is not included. Corrections and changes exceeding one hour will be at an additional charge.

Marketing support kit - R2 700*

·         A3 Poster design

·         E-flyer (for e-mail and social media)

·         Books stubs (business card)

·         Title sheet for marketing purposes

*Please note: The price quoted is for design only. No printed copies of any of these elements are included in this quotation. All of these elements will be provided to you in digital format so that you can have copies printed at your local print supplier as and when you require them for your book launch and other events.
We can supply printed promotional material at an additional cost. Roller banners can also be provided.

Editing services:

We highly recommend that you find an editor to help you with the polishing of your manuscript before submitting it to us for publication. We will gladly advise you on finding an editor to provide you with the services you require. We work closely with service providers such as SAVryskutskrywer, Die Skryfbesigheid and various freelance editors. If required, please ask for assistance in this regard.