Debut author from Kwarts Publishers reads for school as part of World Read Aloud Day


Nal’ibali (Xhosa for 'here's the story") is a national reading for enjoyment campaign to spark children's potential through storytelling and reading. It is built on the simple logic that a well-established culture of reading can be a real game-changer for education in South Africa. Literacy skills are a strong predictor of future academic success in all subjects – and children who regularly read and hear engaging stories, in languages they understand, are well equipped and motivated to learn to read and write. Now in its third year, the World Read Aloud Day, hosted by Nal’ibali nationwide, aims to raise awareness for this cause.

Bedelia Paulsen from Ennerdale in Johannesburg, published her very first children's book "The Forest - Friend or foe? Goldilocks should know" last year with the assistance of Kwarts Publishers. She was invited to read her book to children at the Impala Crescent Primary school as part of the Nal’ibali World Read Aloud Day this year. All of us at Kwarts Publishers are very proud of Bedelia!